This is an improvement over vBulletin.  If you want to upload a file the old way by identifying it on your computer and uploading it from there you can, just click the “upload a file” button below the reply box.  We have other methods though:

Dragging from your Computer

You can simply drag a file from you computer:


Once you’ve dragged in in place, you can choose how you wish it to be displayed in your post:


Pretty simple.

Upload a Web URL

You can drag a file from one web window to your post instead:


This links to the original source, so if it’s deleted then the image in your post will disappear as well.

Paste from Clipboard

Just like it sounds, hit Control-V (or the equivalent on whatever device you’re posting from) and the attachment will be uploaded in the background.


Choose from Previously Uploaded Attachments

This is a feature that is lacking in Xenforo, unfortunately.  There are at least two add-ons that provide this functionality and we will be choosing one.  As the choice hasn’t been made yet, though, I can’t show you a screenshot of how it will work.


Post filed under Upgrade.


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