We are moving to a much more intelligent and flexible system in Xenforo.  Here are some of the ways the software handles quoting:

A Simple Quote

If you want to respond to a single user, the simple way to do so is highlight the text you want to quote:


Then hit the Reply link that pops up.  When you do so, the quick-reply box at the bottom of the thread will be populated for you:


Pretty straightforward and intuitive.

The Abuse-Resistant Reply Button

vBulletin has a “quote” button at the bottom of each post by default.  You may not be familiar with it because we removed ours after way too many people were quoting multi-page posts and adding a single line or two to the end of it.  It was just way too annoying.

Xenforo doesn’t have a “quote” button, but they do have a “reply” link at the bottom-right of each post that does the same thing.  The good news is it’s abuse-resistant.  Here’s what I mean.

This is a long post.  The kind you don’t want to have to scroll past 20 times when reading a long thread:


Good information, might be good to reference, but long.

I quoted it and added the worst kind of insights to the bottom of it.  Here’s what came out in the thread:


So it’s been condensed enough that you can get enough of the context to figure out which post this user is replying to, but it’s not so much that it’s annoying.  If you’d like to see the whole quote, then click the “Click to expand” link and do so.  Note that this works the same with long posts full of images – the images are automatically grabbed in the reply quote, but they are condensed in the same way that you see here.


If you want to quote multiple posts and reply to them all, you can just click Reply underneath every post you want to respond to:




and your multi-quoted reply will be waiting for you at the bottom of the page:






Much more flexible and well-thought-out than we’re used to with vBulletin.

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