If there is one post to read on the migration, it’s this one.

This is core functionality in Xenforo, and it’s different than it was in vBulletin, so it’s worth a moment for everyone to read this:

Subscriptions are Different

“Subscribed threads,” which most of us probably use, are now “watched threads.”  The kicker here is that notifications are only sent one time, when someone posts in the thread.  If you’re used to additional notifications when additional people post, then you’re going to be frustrated until you understand this.  If you get notifications (e-mail or just an alert on the upper-right of your screen) you need to understand you will receive only one until you revisit the thread the reset the counter.  The notification is the same whether you get one post in the thread, or one thousand.

Following Users

You can now follow people you think are interesting.  Click their name, and click the follow/unfollow link as appropriate:


Once you’ve done that you can click here to view a list of those people you follow and get their recent activity:


Note that there are ignore features in the same place.


Alerts are a big part of Xenforo.  In the upper-right corner of every page is your alert box, and you will see a red number here for the number of alerts you’ve received.  There are a lot of reasons for alerts, some of which are annoying to some members.  Click on preferences and you’ll see the sorts of things you can disable:


There are a lot of them.  One of the features that many will find annoying is Trophies.  Post your first post?  Get a trophy.  Someone likes a post of yours?  Get a trophy.  And on, and on, and on.

This is something we can turn off, but we probably won’t.  The reason is simple: it’s proven to a statistical certainty to increase user engagement, and more user engagement helps us accomplish our mission, so it’s staying on.

With that said, while trophies will still continue to accrue on your account you can turn off the notifications with three clicks: Hover over Alerts and choose Alert Preferences


Scroll down to the bottom of the page to where you see New Trophy:


Uncheck that box, then choose save changes.

If I hadn’t gone to a conference for forum owners and listened to a PhD in Behavioral Psychology speak on this I’d hate the feature too.  “Too much ‘gamification’ in society,” I’d say.  But it works, and we’re trying to be a visible community so we can have a positive influence on how gun owners are portrayed, and that’s more important than minor annoyances.  So feel free to turn it off.

Private Messages are now Conversations

Access conversations on the upper-right of a page, next to your username, using the Inbox link.


When you create one, you will get the standard editor, including image uploading functionality.  Notice the button on the bottom — you can now attach files to conversations:


You will see some new controls towards the top of conversations, which do what you’d probably expect:


Leave conversation removes you from it, whether there are only two of you or you’re part of a larger list.  Star marks it with a star in your conversation list to make it easier to find.  Mark as unread does just that, but it also flags it up in the alert area:


And, of course, if you get a 409 e-mail scam from someone, or something else inappropriate, there’s a “report” link on each conversation similar to what you see in forum posts:


Click the report button, give a reason, and hit the button to submit it to Staff.

Profile Posts

Apparently these were a thing under vBulletin as well, because some of them migrate over with the rest of the data.  We can now comment on profiles.  Which means you’ll get a notification when someone does (unless it’s turned off), and you can report inappropriate comments, and all the rest.

Is this useful?  Probably, but I’m not sure yet.  It seems to me to be a simple way to leave feedback on sellers who participate in the buy/sell/trade areas, but I haven’t given this a lot of thought.  I’m just pointing out new stuff that may cause confusion.


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  1. A lot of folks will recognize Xenforo from other forums they visit once it’s up and running.

  2. I’m glad to see some basic correlation between other forums frequented.

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