If you look on the right there’s a sign-up form for a new mailing list I set up today.

This list will be used for maintenance and outage notifications only, so if you want to subscribe you’ll probably receive less than one e-mail per month.

More relevant to today though: as soon as the server is back up and running I’ll send out a notice to let everyone subscribed to that list know about it.  When it comes time to change the structure of THR’s database to make something like this much less likely in the future, I’ll send the notices to the same mailing list.



9 Responses to Want to receive an e-mail when THR goes back up?

  1. rob hannes says:

    hi , please advise when you are back up & eunning, rob

  2. Derek says:

    Put your email address in the box to the upper right under “SIGN UP FOR THR MAINTENANCE ALERTS” and you’ll get a notification as soon as I get it out.


  3. God bless, good luck, and thanks for your dedication Derek.

  4. MedWheeler says:

    Funny, when I first noticed the outage, I also could not access two other firearms-interest sites I frequent. Had a scary moment or two when I discovered that sites I frequent that are not firearms-related were still up and running. Almost reached for my tin-foil hat..! But, the other two came back up. This one, however, is my most-addictive, though, so I await… and yes, I signed up for notification.

  5. Derek says:

    Well, at least I wised at (at the recommendation of someone else, of course) and changed the error message to point here.

    Hopefully it’ll minimize confusion.

  6. jfh says:

    thanks for your efforts, Derek–keep plugging away.

    Jim H.

  7. Mike Johnson (mljdeckard) says:

    It’s easy to take the site for granted until you have to live without it for 25 minutes or more. :)

  8. mike sr says:

    please let me know when you are up & running….thanks…

  9. Ron Blain says:

    Just hang in there. I know what a nightmare things can be. Guessing if you had hair it is gone by now. Looking forward as is everyone to things being up and running.

    Ron (Reloadron)

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