Short version: we’re doing some maintenance to keep up with our current load and will be down for a while.

Longer version: we’ve seen much more demand this last couple of weeks, and as a result at peak times users are having to wait 30 seconds for pages to load. To alleviate the waits, we are being forced to make some structural changes to our database, and these changes make THR unavailable until they complete. So we started at 4:30 AM so we could perform the changes at the slowest time of the day.

THR will be back up today, but don’t expect it to take less than an hour. Understand it may take a few hours — we just can’t predict it.

Once the process is complete, THR should again load properly.

Thanks for your patience.

And we’re back up.  Thanks again.


One Response to Tuesday Morning Outage

  1. Ben says:

    Thank you for maintaining the site so that we can enjoy it and benefit from it.

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